Violet Blend are an Italian alternative rock metal band, featuring extraordinary vocals, rich sonic power, and unbridled energy, founded in Florence, Italy.
The band is made up by Giada Celeste Chelli (lead vocals, piano & orchestration), Ferruccio Baroni (bass), Michel Agostini (drums & vocals).

In terms of touring, Violet Blend has performed all over Europe, both headlining and supporting many renowned bands such as Radiohead, Garbage, Palaye Royale, Chris Slade (AC/DC), Vinnie Moore (Alice Cooper), Starcrawler, Eva Poles (Prozac+) Finley, Rezophonic (Mario Riso, Cristina Scabbia), and Antimatter.

Moreover, the band has won several awards, including Band of the Year 2023 from Great Music Stories, Band Revelation of 2019 from the F.I.P.I. – International Intellectual Property Federation, #togetherforthemusic 2020 by Elio e le Storie Tese, Trio Medusa, Cesvi and Radio Deejay, and the Et Music Prize at Sanremo Rock 2019.

This kind of meteoric rise to celebrity is often launched by some sort of scholastic acclaim, and it is interesting to note that band members of Violet Blend earned degrees, or have been named members of the faculty, at some of the most prestigious institutions in Italy. As for the music more specifically, Violet Blend do not simply write and perform “catchy songs,” but rather, they make haunting and glorious musical portraits that personify beauty, discontent, passion, and rage.

The White Mask (2018) record exposed the fallacy of using social media to represent “the self,” and the new album, Demons  (2022), continues the journey by moving the focus to the more personal, internal mechanism we use to make our own tragic masks. We do this to represent ourselves favorably to others, and our fragile, raw truths remain fatally hidden. Still, the glory is the crucial moment we decide to unveil. Not for others. For us. For the sake of the soul.

In 2022 the band achieved “La Donna Mobile (Fickle Woman) – Campaign against gender discrimination and violence”, a non-profit project and social campaign in support to AIDOS – Italian Association of Women for Development and with the collaboration and sponsorship of the Municipality of Florence (Italy) and the Department for Equal Opportunities. The intent is to promote equality, empowerment, education, and information, focused on the role of women in the workplace, find out more here.


During 2023, Violet Blend released two successful singles, “Voices in My Head” and “My Head is Broken” feat. Tired Violence and ended the year on a high note by releasing their first live album Live and True. Live and True is an exciting journey that catapults the listener into the center of the band’s live performance. The record contains 17 tracks, an entire concert performed in Florence in 2022 that summarizes the band’s journey in recent years.

Violet Blend are an awe-inspiring female fronted band that make us measure our internal landscape differently. Their music is exciting and has something for everyone, from the superlative vocal to the rhythm-chops that seem to echo the true pulse of the world. Are you ready to join them in this? Are you fired up now? Are you ready to rock?

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  • (5/5) “When you take away the effects, the lightshow and the visual drama from live shows, some rising bands struggle live to match their recorded product from the studio. The opposite is true of Violet Blend. The voice is so impressive through the live set. Giada has a great range, but the dynamics and emotional power of her vocal really comes alive on this album. I can’t think of many singers whose vocal is quite so strong, on-point and confident on a live album.”GREAT MUSIC STORIES
  • (8.5/10) “Above all, Giada Celeste Chelli can convince with her singing”Crossfile Metal Webzine
  • (8.4/10) “outstanding vocals, powerful sound and irrepressible energy”Keep On Rocking
  • (8.3/10) “Vocalist Giada Celeste Chelli brings a lot of freshness to the Rock and Metal scene” – Metalheads Forever
  • (4/5) “Demons is a record that sticks with you… Violet Blend has hit it out of the park”Pretty Vacant One
  • (8/10) “Giada Celeste Chelli can convince with her singing, this band brings a lot of fresh air to the rock & metal scene” – Rock Castle Franken
  • (7/10) “A ‘Rock DJ’ will surely be playing this pleasing, radio sass, as it’s really easy to get into.” – power play
  • (3/5) “plenty of radio-ready hard rock singles”Heavy Music HQ
  • “a must-listen for all, and a valued manifestation of Italian art!” – Metal IT
  • The authenticity and raw talent of Violet Blend shines through wonderfully on ‘Live and True’.AMPLIFY THE NOISE
  • Violet Blend move with agility from punk without excessive pretensions to more intense and elaborate moments (“I’m Only Happy When I’m Drunk”) in which a fusion between narrative and performance is achieved which is something unique.” –
  • “a great band whose music can stand the test of time”Italia Di Metallo
  • “an exciting record with something for everyone”Allternative IT





Featured Images

I-Days Autodromo w/ RADIOHEAD – Monza (IT)
Villa Ada w/ GARBAGE – Roma (IT)
Circolo Magnolia w/ PALAYE ROYALE – Milano (IT)
CHRIS SLADE (AC/DC) – Italian Tour (IT)
Legend Club w/ STARCRAWLER – Milano (IT)
Let it Beer w/ VINNIE MOORE (ALICE COOPER) – Roma (IT)
Viper Theatre – Firenze (IT)
The Islington – London (UK)
West Street Live – Sheffield (UK)

REZOPHONIC Italian Tour (IT)
Camden Market – London (UK)
Hope and Anchor – London (UK)
Le Cronache del Trono – Bitonto, BA (IT)
Legend Club – Milano (IT)
Old Salutation Inn – Nottingham (UK)
The Monarch – London (UK)
Percy’s Cafe Bar – Whitchurch (UK)
The Shed – Leicester (UK)



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