Campaign against gender discrimination and violence

Initiative promoted by Violet Blend, with the patronage of the Municipality of Florence (Italy), the collaboration of the Riccardiana Library of Florence, of Verdi Theatre – ORT Foundation of Florence, Viper Theatre of Florence,  in support of AIDOS – Italian Association of Women for Development.

Verdi Theatre of Florence
feat. Maestra Gianna Fratta

Riccardiana Library

The gender gap in Economic Participation and Opportunity will take another 267.6 years to close.
Global Gender Gap Report 2021

In the Unites States, white women have to work +98 days to earn what a man makes in a year. Black women +214 days.
Association of University Women (AAUW)

In Europe, less than 10% of top companies’ CEOs are women. They earn -23% than men for the same job.
European Commission

In UK, among the top 350 publicly traded companies, there are more CEOs named Peter than female CEOs.
Fast Company

In Italy, only one in two women of working age is active and earns -15% than men.

In Iceland, equal pay between women and men has been law since 2018: companies and public offices must prove that women are paid as much as their male colleagues.
Il Sole 24 Ore

La Donna Mobile (Fickle Woman) – Campaign against gender discrimination and violence is a non-profit project to promote equality, empowerment, education and information, focused on the role of women in the world of work.
The initiative aims to promote equality, defend the fundamental rights of women and raise public awareness on the issue of the Gender Gap.
 The project is non-profit and is aimed at obtaining donations for the projects of AIDOS – Italian Association of Women for Development.
AIDOS was founded in 1981 as a women’s association and a non-governmental cooperation organization, in 1992 it was recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a suitable body to manage public funds for the implementation of development cooperation projects. AIDOS works to build, promote and defend the rights, dignity and freedom of choice of women and girls, fighting against gender inequalities through various educational and dissemination projects.
AIDOS works in partnership with local organizations and institutions, also has special consultative status at ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council), and is a strategic partner in Italy of UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund).


Testimonials of La Donna Mobile:

Special thanks to Maestra Gianna Fratta who strongly believed in the project and took part in the video clip of “La Donna Mobile” at the Verdi Theater. One of the brightest minds of our times and certainly an example to follow. THANK YOU.
Gianna Fratta – Conductor and professor of elements of composition at the Umberto Giordano Conservatory of Foggia
Francesca Gallori – Director of Riccardiana Library of Florence
Alia Guagni – Italian National Team soccer player
Alessandra Kustermann – Gynecologist, head physician of the Mangiagalli Center at the Milan Polyclinic
Carolina Morace – S.S. Lazio Women coach, sports manager and former soccer player
Maria Caramelli – Health Director of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Turin
Paola Santini – Astrophysics of INAF Astronomical Observatory Rome
Giulia Venturelli – Mountain guide
Martina CarusoMichelin Star Chef of the Signum Restaurant
Carla Bagnoli – Philosopher & professor of Theoretical Philosophy at Univesity of Reggio-Emilia
Alessandra Bassi – Civil engineer
Anna Paola Bassi – 2D illustrator & animator
Aurora Magnolia – Food entrepreneur
Valeria Berardinelli – Insurer
Marianna Dal Degan – Truck Driver, Sabo Rosa – Truck Driver of the Year Award 2014
Giorgia Fasoli – Funeral director
Martina Rossi – Entrepreneur
Lucia Votano – Physycist  & research director of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)
Rosalba Forciniti – Judoka, bronze medalist at the London 2012 Olympics
Simonetta Doni – Oenologist and marketer, Personality of the Women of Wine 2019
Giulia Galardini – Tattoo artist
Irene Campioni – Child neuropsychiatrist doctor
Ethel Bianchi – Bus driver
Silvia Franchini – Rally driver
Giulia Quintavalle – Judoka, gold medalist at the Beijing 2008 Olympics
Alice Falcini – Company administrator
Alessandra Lucaroni – Owner of L’Officina delle Donne, Sabo Rosa – Truck Driver of the Year Award 2019



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