Violet Blend is an Italian alternative rock band from Florence. The band is made up by Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals and piano), Daniele Cristellon (guitar), Ferruccio Baroni (bass) and Michel Agostini (drums).

The band has won several awards, including Band Revelation of 2019 from the F.I.P.I. – International Intellectual Property Federation, #togetherforthemusic 2020 of Elio e le Storie Tese, Trio Medusa, Cesvi and Radio Deejay (TG1 interview), Et Music Prize at Sanremo Rock 2019, Classic Rock Italia Contest 2017.

Violet Blend have two European tours and more than two hundred dates to their credit, including opening concerts at Radiohead (UK) and Garbage (USA). The band also performed in support of the concerts of Chris Slade (AC / DC), Vinnie Moore (Alice Cooper), Bobo Rondelli, Rezophonic (Mario Riso), Finley, The Bastards Sons of Dioniso and the British band Antimatter. The band was also a guest at the 25th anniversary of MEI – Meeting of the Independents held in Faenza in October 2019.

The debut album ‘White Mask’ received excellent response from audiences and critics. The presentation of ‘White Mask’ was preceded by an impressive guerrilla marketing action, more than five thousand white masks with a purple V invaded the city of Florence, attracting the attention of citizens and national media, from La Nazione to Radio Freccia.

To date the band is engaged in the realization of the second album.


I-Days Autodromo w/ RADIOHEAD – Monza (IT)
Villa Ada w/ GARBAGE – Roma (IT)
Druso w/ CHRIS SLADE (AC/DC) – Bergamo (IT)
Traffic Live w/ REZOPHONIC – Roma (IT)
Let it Beer w/ VINNIE MOORE (ALICE COOPER) – Roma (IT)
Viper Theatre – Firenze (IT)
The Islington – London (UK)
West Street Live – Sheffield (UK)

Camden Market – London (UK)
Hope and Anchor – London (UK)
Piazza Cavour (Le Cronache del Trono) – Bitonto (IT)
Legend Club – Milano (IT)
Old Salutation Inn – Nottingham (UK)
The Monarch – London (UK)
Percy’s Cafe Bar – Whitchurch (UK)
The Shed – Leicester (UK)



White Mask has been released on February 1st 2018, this is Violet Blend’s debut album, an italian alternative rock band. For the presentation of the album Florence (IT) woke up with thousands of white masks painted with a purple ‘V’ in every corner of the city.

La Nazione   –   La Repubblica   –   Go News   –   Il Mattino   –   Leggo

The album appears as a clear provocation, musical and not. In fact, it has a real matchbox on the cover with the words “Burn your mask” and it is accompanied by the known mask. The message is an aclear and provocative invitation: burn your mask and re-appropriate of human and interpersonal relationships, in the era of social media where you can see millions of masks and very few faces. Violet Blend not only incites to the metaphorical gesture, but provides the real instruments – a mask and a matchbox – to symbolically get rid of the weight of the unreality of today’s world.

To reinforce the concept, Violet Blend decided to distribute the album exclusively at their concerts, this to encourage a relationship and a more direct and real communication with their supporters.

“Every Time (We Say Goodbye)” and “Venus Mask” are also released on YouTube  as web videos.

On February 10, 2018, the Violet Blend presented White Mask at the Viper Theater in Florence, from here the new “Burn Your Mask Tour” took them all over Italy, England and Wales, for a total of 30 dates of which half in the United Kingdom. White Mask is available as a free download on the band’s website and in all major digital shops.

Violet Blend - White Mask


1 You, Me and the Alcohol
2 Venus Mask
3 Every Time (We Say Goodbye)
4 Letargo
5 Funeral of Love
6 Mercury
7 Stabs
8 Free Falling
9 My Daughter
10 Pale
11 Poetic License




“The band’s style unites different musical genres and unravels between them, which is why it is well expressed by the word “blend rock“: from the scratching of the guitars, contrasted with the clarity and harmony of the piano. They are expressed with a juxtaposition of incisions and chords in dissonance and the unmistakable color of the voice. The sound system, enhanced by the frequent dynamic and rhythmic jolts, leads along a tortuous path of feelings and confessions, orienting the listener towards ever new and varied atmospheres in each of the tracks.


“Violet Blend is the Revelation Band of 2019 for the International Intellectual Property Federation, F.I.P.I. assigns the award for the successes achieved in recent months by the band.”


“The band really has a remarkable talent, in addition to having won the Record Award at Sanremo Rock, they will be present in increasingly important contexts.


“They first covered every part of Florence (Italy) with the “Venus Mask”, arousing extreme curiosity in the head of every Florentine and then they published the video clip where the mysterious “Venus Mask” appeared, thus revealing the mystery that many could not manage to understand. They are Violet Blend and have certainly found a singular and original way to draw attention to them, many of you will be wondering “who are Violet Blend?”, Perfect, in the following lines we are going to introduce them to you: […]”



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